Why does buying pre-owned make a difference?

Some might wonder, what is the point in buying used office furniture?

It’s a sensible question, and one we like answering. So have a look at the information below and make your own mind up.


Reducing Landfill

More than three million tonnes of used office furniture goes into landfill every year. Desks, chairs, printers and used office equipment are disposed of unnecessarily. They take several years to decompose which causes damage to the environment.

Thankfully, there is an increasing awareness of our need to look after our environment and reduce the amount of material that goes into landfill. Saving used office furniture from landfill is what we do best at The Office Shop, and we have stock to supply offices across Stockport and Greater Manchester.

Tonnes of used furniture heading for landfill each year


Reduce you carbon footprint

Components used to make furniture often travel across the world before making it into your office. The steel used in the desk legs may have come from China, the plastic in your desk chair from Mexico, and the fabric produced in Hungary. The carbon footprint on a simple piece of furniture can be thousands of miles, and it all takes its toll on the environment.

In contrast, when you buy second hand furniture from The Office Shop, you are keeping your footprint low and playing your part in helping the environment. Furniture is sourced from offices in Greater Manchester and sold locally, in our shop/warehouse in Stockport.


Reduce your carbon footprint


Company environmental policy

Thankfully, we are all making positive changes around the way we live by recycling at home, being conscious of our energy use and even being aware of the carbon footprint of our food. Businesses, too, have been awakened to their responsibility to operate sustainably. Many now have specific environmental policies and practices, as well as personnel responsible for implementing them.

Using second hand office furniture and refurbished office equipment is one simple, effective, policy your company can adopt to boost your environmental conscience and enhance your sustainability.


Financial implications

As well as being better for the environment, buying second hand office furniture and equipment is better for your bank balance!

We sell office desks, chairs, computer desks, corner desks and even standing desks much cheaper than they would be if they were purchased as new products.


Financial implications


High quality furniture

Office furniture tends to be very sturdy and manufactured to a high standard to ensure its durability and longevity. Used office furniture is frequently disposed of due to corporate revamps and merges or due to a change in premises location, rather than because furniture is damaged, which means it often has lots of life left in it. From office chairs to computer desks, we have high quality office furniture to suit your space. We perform quality checks to ensure that all the second hand office furniture we sell is of a high standard and is suitable for ongoing use.

We stock corner desks, standing desks, Ikea desks, desks suitable for a home office setting, and chairs to accompany them. Come along to our shop/warehouse in Stockport, Greater Manchester, and see for yourself!